Our heart is a critical organ, symptoms like heart murmurs shortness of breath, chest pains or dizzy spells need evaluation.

Our Cardiology services are essentially complete and compelling in delivering high-quality patient care. Also the detailed tests help people with heart disease return to a full and a functional life.


An ECG (Electrocardiogram) is a safe and a non-invasive medical test that determines the rate and rhythm of the heart and detects heart problems by measuring the electrical activity of heart when it contracts.


It displays in-depth areas of interest with temporal resolution of the heart walls, papillary muscles, ventricular septum, valves and masses. It provides optimal images of coronary arteries, calcium plaques and coronary sinuses for diagnosis.


Exercise tolerance testing (ETT) is a method to determine the presence of significant coronary heart disease. It is primarily used to determine whether the heart receives enough oxygen and proper blood flow when it needs it the most.