About Us


Early and Accurate diagnosis is vital for wellness and illness both, our DMFR team (the best-in-class team of doctors, geneticists, medical technicians and pathologists) are here to make deep human connections serving our patients with dedication, discipline and diligence, day in and day out.

At DMFR, reports are Accurate, Detailed and Dependable for timely diagnosis and therapeutic investigation of diseases. This gives a clear idea to make better treatment decisions and improves clinical outcomes.

We are pleased to introduce Bio Safety Level 3 facility in Bangladesh for the first time in the private sector. Also, Molecular diagnostic testing and flow cytometry testing are the most advanced procedures that aid a host of critical investigations.

Essentially, we also wish to make the services inexpensive and customized to our patients.


With world class technology and cutting-edge applications, DMFR Molecular Lab is here to set a measurable impact and revolutionize the diagnostic healthcare in Bangladesh. A host of investigations, analytical testing standards and expert diagnostics are what we aim to deliver.

Our relentless efforts and endeavour are to deliver the most accurate, reliable and careful analytical testing standards at par with the international quality standards within the reach of every common man.

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To willingly serve everyone and help fight the battle against disease by providing world class diagnostic healthcare and setting high standards for patient care.


To provide accurate & timely diagnostic, prognostic and therapeutic investigation reports at an affordable rate to every customers with shortest turnaround time, enabling apt patient treatment.

Point of Difference

Quality is the Key

At DMFR, we follows stringent process of internal service quality audits, quality control & assurance programs. Once this is done we recheck the quality of analysis to make them error proof. We ensure this by following the regular External Quality Assurance Programs with Bio-Rad Laboratories USA.

Error-free Diagnosis

DMFR offers single point control for revenue transactions, patient inflow, sample tracking, test volume, processing time, breakdown & delays, lab results, decision intelligence, data validation, turn-around-time, dispatch efficiency and more.Our ingenious team, technology and infrastructure put together offer an incredibly broad-spectrum pathology services and error-free diagnosis in Bangladesh.

Expert Assistance

Years of experience, learning and research of our scientific team nurtures all the clinical reports thoroughly. They provide meaningful prognostic & diagnostic information to aid effective treatment protocols. The experts ensure precision in every level and thus reduce the time a patient spends at the hospital and increase the success rate of recovery.

Scientific Logistic Approach

At DMFR, we collect and process the specimen through our logistics experts and take utmost care to deliver the reports efficiently.The specimen are transported by our trained logistic team in a secure and temperature-controlled environment with tightly managed specimen identification protocols to rule out any errors.